Explore “Frontiers” at Jason Vass Gallery

(dis)connection by Tadashi Moriyama

“Frontiers” the exhibition by artists Tadashi Moriyama & Rachel Pease will be on display at Jason Vass Gallery through December 7th. Both artists use illustration in their approach to art. Those different techniques and approaches inform their respective work that shares a commonality and access different subject matter. 

It also happens that Tadashi Moriyama & Rachel Peas are a couple having met at the University of Pennsylvania in 2004 and tied the knot in 2007. Both eventually setting in Southern California where they now call home and continue their respective work in the arts.

Moriyama’s works are rooted in a combination of his Buddhism while synthesizing digital communications, dream interpretation and space exploration that lend themselves to rural networks, grids and the threads of interstellar environments. His work is bright and lavishly colored.

On the other hand, Pease takes a more organic approach to her work. Coming from a rural Indiana background she finds her inspiration from nature. She focuses on intense details, somber tones, and intricate illustrations to convey her work in a more organic way. Both Moriyama & Pease create detailed imaginary vistas full of wonder that speaks to the heart and the imagination.

“Frontiers” will be on display at Jason Vass Gallery (1452 E. 6th Street, Los Angeles, CA.) through Dec. 7th in DTLA.

Gateway by Rachel Pease

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