Mezcalero’s New Drink Menu: It will Delight the taste buds and feed the soul!

Mezcalero has been an exciting addition on Broadway in DTLA for a couple of years now. It’s gained a reputation for its exceptional take on bar food and its adventurous drink program focusing mezcal from the beginning with all the blessed fruits of the agave plant. Mezcalero’s beverage director Nathan McCullough has reshuffled the cocktail menu for Spring and Summer with new exciting new takes on the mezcal inspired cocktail by incorporating clever foodie ideas and birthing them into fascinating beverage choices that shortcircuit the idea of food and drink as being 2 different things.  The question arises  “Do you drink it or eat it?”

Yes, his new mixes are still beverages and they are crafted in marvelous new combinations. For the presser, I (we) sat down and did the hard work of sipping and tasting these new concoctions. No tasting is complete without a few yummy bites to activate the palette. We all shared the mandatory chips, salsa, and guacamole before we ordered our food. My food choices were the Carne Asada taco (salsa verde, onion, and cilantro) and the Braised Tinga taco (braised chicken, onion, tomato and chipotle). Each was a delight as sips and bites intermingled as every new beverage was served.

The first of the 2 tasting rounds arrived  that included “Tig Bitty Fresca”, “Shady Cricketry”, ‘Cheesus Take the Wheel” “Salty Affair” and the “Maria Concita”. Tig Bitty Fresca was a light and lively, a sweet delight, while Shady Cricketry was darker earthy umami owed its flavor to the use of “Chapulin”, real crickets, infused mezcal to the drink. Cheesus Take the Wheel sung deliciously all the way through and was a wonderful flavor surprise of Spanish goat cheese, cheese without the farm – no gaminess and pure enduring cheese satisfaction! Salty Affair paid homage to carnitas in a pickle back way with its a saline tip of the hat to pork and peppers dotted with swimming peppercorns that zested up the drink. Maria Conchita was as delightful and it was delicious set in what looks like a terracotta pear cup is fruity fresh and wild with a lively tropical zing.

The second arrives with “Tickle My Beans”, “Smoke Em if You Got Em”, “Rio De Tequila” and “Wanna Be Chulo”. Tickle My Beans, awe yeah, the blessed frijole mixed with the rice and celery had a subtle lingering quality that was both familiar and unique in a cocktail. Smoke Em if You Got Em reflected the underlying burnt tortilla with the sweetness of the byrrh quinquina mixed with the freshness of the celery and lime. Rio De Tequila was creamy frothy and fun garnished with a slice of dried lime anchored in the cocktail glass with an avocado pit. Wanna Be Chulo was smokey and hinted at the sweet burnt croissant infused mezcal create around and satisfying taste.

Nathan takes his extensive knowledge of Mezcal, Tequila, Sotol, Raicilla, and other spirits building on these with wildly imaginative infusions he creates. Then he combines these elixirs with a wide variety of the freshest ingredients creating unique and innovative handcrafted cocktails that are complex, nuanced and elevated whisking you away from the drudgery of the common drink. Mescalero’s mixology ethos turns average into exotic with ingredients like Goat Cheese, Beans, Rice, Cheese, Crickets and more into exciting beverages added to the Summer menu to enchant and cool off these long days of summer and simmering nights.

Happy Hour from 3-7pm daily. Mezcalero is located at 510 S. Broadway in DTLA.

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