APOLLO 11 – The Immersive Live Show – Opens the 5th of July

The Lunar Module Apollo 11 media preview event in Lunar Dome at Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. ©Billy Bennight

It was nearly 50 years ago when I had just turned thirteen when the lunar module set down on the moon and Neil Armstrong was the first man to set foot on the lunar surface. Being a young boy in love with Star Trek and brimming with outer space fantasies made this the most important and dramatic event in my young life. From the moment Apollo 11 surged into the sky off of Cape Canaveral to start its tenuous and epic journey to the moon. Like all Americans and the world as a whole, we were all on pins and needles the whole journey with anticipation for this unmatched achievement of science and technology. We all set around the television every night to watch this journey unfold. The Apollo 11 flight generated trepidation, wonder, and unrestrained excitement that still sparks the human imagination to this day.

It’s hard to believe it’s been 50 years since that epic launch and its return to Mother Earth. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin all returned heroes and celebrities. That excitement and interest still exist to this day.  So it comes with little surprise that some imaginative folks have found a way to regenerate the passion of the moon mission to once again activate people’s imagination and create a fascinating recount of the Apollo 11 story by commemorating the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 with the APOLLO 11The Immersive Live Show. Apollo 11 retells this remarkable moment in human history by using cutting edge and visionary technology to tell the story finding a way to engage every aspect of our senses.

Actor Christian Prentice (Younger Ben) and actress Brianna McClellan (Elizabeth) at the Apollo 11 media preview event at Lunar Dome in Pasadena, California at Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California.

APOLLO 11 – The Immersive Live Show will open to the public on July 5th on the Rose Bowl grounds at 8 pm and run through August 6th. You can be among the first to see and experience this jaw-dropping reimagined story. It’s part of an 18 city tour that kicks off in Los Angeles that then migrates south to Costa Mesa and then off to Houston leaving Southern California behind. The multimedia presentation is composed of 360-degree projections of both slides and videos, performances from a live cast, and is a play. The story revolves around a grandfather and his granddaughter. The grandfather, Ben, is a retired NASA Engineer recounts those days leading up to the launch of Apollo 11 to Sydney, his granddaughter chronicling those times leading up to one of mankind’s greatest achievements. There is a lot of dramatic imaging and outstanding set design that vividly draws the audience into the Apollo 11 narrative. The 360 dome screen is made of a special acoustic fabric that the twenty-four 30K laser projectors will project on the theater dome. These projections are intended to convey the immensity of the scale of the rocket launch and portray the grandness of the Apollo 11 lunar adventure itself. Try to imagine watching a Saturn 5 rocket begin to launch right before your eyes or getting to witness the lunar module in touching distance. The show easily puts you in the moment. Audiences will be swept away in this ride of a lifetime by one of mankind’s greatest achievements told in a human and compelling manner we can all relate to. Apollo 11 is a marvelous combination of technology and humanity celebrating this epic human achievement translating to all ages and inspiring coming generations to imagine the limitless possibilities of space.

APOLLO 11 – The Immersive Live Show will open to the public on July 5th and close August 6th. It will continue in Costa Meas starting October 10th. Tickets are available for both shows runs. You can purchase tickets here.

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