Maisel Day Expounded!

Palisades Village – The Bay by Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas on Amazon Prime Video’s “Maisel Day”. All Photos ©Billy Bennight

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel has been nominated for 20 Emmys and Amazon Prime Video has celebrated the momentous occasion of being the most Emmy nominated comedy for 2019. Amazon Prime Video has treated Los Angeles with “Maisel Day” where various retailers throughout the various communities in the city offered special 1959 pricing from a host of opportunities ranging from food to hotel rooms.

My Maisel Day started on Wednesday night as I dropped by The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel to find out when I could book a room for $40.00 a night. My research yielded a 9 Am call to line up for a room. Following this research expedition, I ended up late to bed and an unfortunately early to rise.

In the morning my first priority was The Roosevelt. Walking up it was immediately apparent there was a line. That line ran all the way from the door of The Roosevelt to the corner and possibly beyond. I knew immediately I wasn’t going to be able to book a room.

It was time to continue to the next level of my Maisel Day’s plan. There were a lot of great places to experience on Maisel Day like Canter’s Deli or Starring by Ted Gibson. But considering the prospect of long lines and possible dubious outcomes, I set my sights on the Pacific Palisades.

I rarely visit the Pacific Palisades and didn’t realize how serendipitous my decision was until I found myself in Palisades Village where all the action was happening. My first move was securing an appointment at Gornik & Drucker for my $3.00 haircut.

See’s Candies

Felicia and Liz on Maisel Day 2019

Once this key part of my itinerary was secured, with a five hours plus wait laying in front of me, I moved quickly to get the most of my Maisel Day. I set my sights on the See’s Candies for $1.50 of candy which was a $21.00 value. While the idea of securing great values and bargains it is also exciting to imagine or internalize the mid-century world that The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel inhabited. The See’s candy line was long but in the world of lines it proved to move speedily and I had my chance with the candies in about 45 minutes. Rick Caruso accompanied with a handful of other gentlemen passed us by coming from the See’s candy area when a man next to me called out to ask him how his day was going. Rick answered back with a salutation indicating his day is going fine. It’s unusual to spot the owner of The Grove and the Palisades Village, a billionaire publically strolling any mall but there he was checking out Maisel Day with the rest of us. A See’s employee who had been handing out candies came around to count us out. We made it but soon after the count supplies ran out. See’s Candies offered p their last supplies while I was at the register. From there people moved on to their day or sought a new line to take advantage for Maisel Day goodies. I had my eye set on the Rueben at Hank’s.


My Hank’s Reuben with pickle and coleslaw. The server recommended the Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat. as a substitution for a sour.

Settling into my place in line for Hank’s I was amongst some great folks. We chatted about various things including the line we were in, the prospects of the Reuben sandwich we’d hopefully get to eat and any other Maisel Day opportunity we might happen upon. The discussion fell to any remaining opportunities for Maisel Day. I was surprised to learn the Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas next to Hank’s still had seats to some screenings in the multiplex. The folks I was in line with encouraged me to see if I could grab a movie ticket by keeping my place in line for Hank’s.

I slipped over to Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas to endured a short line and had the good fortune of selecting a 6 PM screening of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” for 50 cents. I was stoked at the prospect of getting to see a ’60s inspired feature at ’50s prices!

When I returned to the line the distance for my Reuben had considerably shortened and it wasn’t very long before I was setting at Hank’s bar inside ready to order. The lunch rush had passed and people had options to set outside on the patio or inside. Since I was a single the bar was a natural place for me to be seated. Of course, the server was courteous and was quick to respond with a rhetorical query “A Reuben?” I nodded because it was a given and the Reuben was on its way. I added to my 85 cents Reuben sandwich a tasty Lost Coast Tangerine Wheat the server recommended. I wanted a sour but this beer was a great replacement. The Reuben arrived and it was beautifully presented. It was cut in half with a side of coleslaw and good-sized half pickle. It was a delight to look at but it tasted divine.

For over an hour I struggled with my phone. The cell reception of my iPhones was severely challenged. I had sent a text to Liz 2 hours earlier with photos to encourage her with my good fortune and to hear how things were going on her end. My iMessage texts remained in limbo for 2 hours. It was frustrating! My phone charge would’ve been destroyed under most circumstances but I had an auxiliary battery with 3 full charges built into it. At lunch and after failing to send Liz my iMessages I surrendered to the circumstances and sent a simple text. Liz responded pretty promptly. She and her friend Felicia with her. They were just getting to LA and the prospects were getting any Maisel Day goodies had grown thin. Liz and Felicia eventually decided to give up on the Starring by Ted Gibson for their “Mrs. Maisel” haircut and join me at Palisades Village for whatever of the Maisel Day promotions were left to enjoy.

Finishing my Hank’s Reuben kind of ended my Maisel Day quests because the McConnell ice cream line was long enough to give me pause on embarking on yet another line. I figured the ice cream would be finished soon and I didn’t want to waste time waiting in line for something that would be gone before I got there.

I took to lounging in the shade. I contacted my Gornik & Drucker about my hair appointment. I was informed that the 5-hour wait had been expanded to a 7-hour. The 7-hour wait coincided with my 50 cent movie reservation at Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas. I grew concerned but didn’t give up on the dream!

McConnell’s Fine Ice Creams

The day was moving towards late afternoon before Liz and Felicia arrived. We met near See’s Candies and settled on the ice cream at McConnell’s. The line wasn’t a complete horror I imagined it to be. In addition to that, I had to lovely women to accompany me on this Maisel quest. Felicia offered me some good advice on my haircut prospect while we made our way to what turned out to be some delicious ice cream. We all scooped away at our ice cream till nothing was left. Liz and Felicia took off to the theater inspired in my purchase of “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood” for 50 cents.

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Gornik & Drucker

Around 5 PM I finally had my chance at my Gornik & Drucker haircut with hair stylist Gregory, who proved to be meticulous in his approach to my hair and dedicated to giving me an exemplary haircut at a hot 1959 value of 3 bucks! Gregory was pleasant and we spoke a bit but I was committed to making the movie in the most timely way possible. I decided to spare him any unnecessary distractions with chit-chat to speed things along. The goal to get the best haircut possible and make the movie was paramount. I have to say that Gregory’s pre-haircut massage at the beginning started things out in the right direction. Gregory snipped away building on my previous haircut I had received earlier this year while visiting friends in San Francisco. When he ended the process with aftershave and a comb through I had my head of new beautifully styled hair. I mentioned my haircut he gave me looked a lot like an artist-hero of mine, the renowned Russian Suprematist Kazimir Malevich. I was delighted with my hair and it was movie time.

The Bay Theatre by Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas

I found that Palisades Village was a comfortable outdoor mall and everything is within easy walking distance. Like The Grove, you can sense and see the design everywhere. That Disneyesque application of design with all the clean lines and elements of cheery optimism is infused in any direction you look. Keeping that in mind The Bay Theatre by Cinépolis Luxury Cinemas is beautiful on the outside and luxurious on the inside. So much so, I had no idea what I had bought for only 50 cents. Luxury isn’t luxury without extraordinary customer service, which The Bay Theatre had in spades. As I entered I was greeted by the doorman, who instructed to my destination, with yet another fellow who confirmed my seating to fine-tune my experience. I was directed to seat number 7 in the balcony. Number 7 was, as were the others, a top-of-the-line luxurious leather recliner. While it doesn’t match Dick Clark’s screening room’s chairs in comfort I found my recliner was still pretty spectacular. Every recliner in the theatre took personal space into consideration and a small table to set snacks and drinks on made the experience even more effortless. There I sat watching Once Upon A Time In Hollywood in blissful comfort with an unobstructed view and completely unencumbered for the duration of the movie.

As the credits rolled and the day events unfolded in my mind I was a delight that Amazon took the time to celebrate these 20 Emmy nominations in such a fine and festive manner. The 20 Emmy nominations include nods to Jane Lynch for best guest actress in a comedy series, Marin Hinkle for best supporting-actress in a comedy, Tony Shalhoub for best male supporting actor in a comedy, Rachel Brosnahan for best actress in a comedy and after all The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, itself, for best comedy series. I have to admit it was the most “Hollywood” day I’ve felt in some time. Closing the day out with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood was inspired and a delightful way to end Maisel Day!

Maisel Day 2019 Celebrating 20 Emmy Nominations for the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel by Amazon Prime Video

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